17 Food Recipe Videos That Took Things Way Too Far

1. This giant mozzarella stick.

OK THAT IS STRING CHEESE AND CHEETO DUST. Why do bad things happen to good foods.

2. This 7-up “salad.”

Not a salad at all! Also the use of mayo has left me numb.


3. These wine and cheese shots:

HORRIFIC. Legit have goosebumps.

4. Mug Nachos.

Why did the mug need to get involved with this. What did the mug ever do to nachos? Justice for the mug.

5. This low-carb bacon, egg, cheese and avocado sandwich.

This had so much potential but eggs are not meant to be buns!! HOW CAN U HOLD A GREASY EGG LIKE A SANDWICH? I refuse to accept that you can. If they just used a fork and knife the world would be a better place.

6. These grilled cheese martinis:

What happened to good ol‘ whiskey on the rocks?

7. This Cereal Cake.

Honestly, this would be 1000% great if they didn‘t call it a cake. That‘s not a cake! That‘s just rice crispy treats in the shape of a cake. A cake is its own separate genus!


8. These chocolate pickles.

I admit, I‘m biased because I don‘t like pickles, but also this is objectively wrong.

9. This cheese covered hamburger:

I love cheese! I really do!!! I even love hamburgers. But this is too much. How can you even lift it, you‘ll get your hands all cheesy!! I can‘t believe I‘m saying this, but it‘s just too much cheese. Much too much cheese.

10. This pickle egg roll concoction:

I already admitted my disdain for pickles, so maybe I‘m incorrect here but… this seems wrong in many ways.

11. These pickle sliders:

You can‘t just slap some ingredients in the middle of other ingredients and call it a slider!!! That‘s not how it works!! This is just a pickle and meat tower. Also I don‘t like it.

12. These pickle cupcakes.

This is the last pickle thing I swear. But, I think we can all agree this is inhumane!!!


13. This cotton Candy Burrito:

Sorry for being a stickler, but this is NOT A BURRITO!!!!!! It‘s just ice cream surrounded by cotton candy. The use of burrito here is offensive to actual burritos.

14. This frozen peanut butter slice:

I wish I was never born!!

15. This “Chicken a La Croix.”

A can of La Croix does not deserve to be shoved up a chicken‘s butt, and a chicken does not deserve a can of La Croix shoved up their butt. I feel bad for both.

16. These flamin‘ hot cheetos shots:

Just seems like a very bad idea.

17. And finally, this twig cake:

I love cake! But I don‘t like eating twigs and herbs on my cake. I‘m so confused by this.

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