Cramer Remix: Boeing is a better bet than bitcoin

As a from boosted the on Thursday, CNBC‘s Jim Cramer noticed some unusual trading action occurring that he pegged to the bull.

“Oil and airlines, they don‘t mix. Jet fuel is the No. 1 cost for the airlines, so they shouldn‘t be able to rally at the same time — unless it‘s their stocks we are talking about,” the “” host said. “I keep highlighting the bizarrely bullish ways that stocks are trading and sometimes they‘re totally in your face, like this in the price of oil and the airline stocks.”

And it‘s not like the market has forgotten the effects of rising oil prices on the airlines — shares of also got a boost because airlines can buy new jets that use less fuel from Boeing to lower their fuel costs.

But Cramer remained puzzled by the market‘s obsession with volatile cryptocurrency in the face of actual gains from stocks like Boeing.

He shared a story of two cigarette-puffing Wall Streeters asking him incessantly to comment on bitcoin. “No bitcoin,” he told them. “Boeing.”

“I might as well have said, ‘Put down those Marlboros and let‘s go have some of my wife‘s quinoa,‘” Cramer said. “Their contempt was palpable. I‘m chalking it up to millennial lunacy.”