Few benefits of permanent residence in a country

Few benefits of permanent residence in a country

Permanent residence in some countries is a highly coveted prize, there is no doubt about that; in fact, it is so coveted that there is an entire industry generating millions of dollars in profits around migration. Having trouble submitting your PR application in Singapore? You may need more help. Click here to learn more.

And they are particularly foreign students in that country, one of the target audiences most interested in obtaining their resident status.

  1. Permanent residence means the permanent visa

And having a permanent visa is taking a very big weight off your shoulders; Well, for those who are pursuing the dream of a permanent residence, uncertainty is a constant.

On the one hand, you live saving money and counting how many months you have left on your Student Visa, before having to pay a considerable sum to renew it, either for the second or third time.

And on the other, you are always paying attention to how politics in the country, because depending on which political party feels the “Iron Throne”, immigration policies will be maintained or changed.

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  1. With a permanent residence you can study whatever you want

When you go to study (depending on your nationality) the Government may question the reasons why you are going to start such studies. This is done by the Immigration Department to make sure that the students are legitimate, and are not studying as a front to stay there

When applying for your Student Visa there is a very important document that you must present; With this, the Immigration Department analyzes whether or not you need to study the course to which you aspire.

Likewise, having your permanent residence, you can access student credits and have the possibility of enrolling in courses that are only available to the country’s citizens.

  1. Permanent residence gives you employment benefits

This is one of the benefits that permanent residence is so coveted. Being a resident, you acquire the right to work all the hours you want, in the city you want. This is not possible with the Student Visa, since it only allows 40 hours of work per fortnight.

In addition, since you must attend classes, you cannot change cities to work in other places unless your educational institution is based in other cities and they allow you to change.

  1. Residency gives you access to Medicare

Medicare is public health insurance, which guarantees permanent residents:

Access to subsidized treatment.

Cheaper medicines.

Free use of public hospitals.