Get Help For Migration To Australia From Singapore

Get Help For Migration To Australia From Singapore

If you want to migrate to Australia, and don’t know how, don’t worry, you can get all the information at the agency. Keep reading to find out more about eligibility and different visas for migrating to australia from singapore.

Eligibility criteria for the migration

  • You have to take the job in high demand in the country, and ensure the position is available.
  • Your age should be between 25 to 44 years old, and you should have adept English language skills.
  • You should hold a diploma certification or degree and have relevant work experience in the field.

Australia has a list of occupations people from Singapore can do, so you should always check that. Some job fields are human resources, marketing specialists, public relations, engineers, and ICT professionals.

migrating to australia from singapore

Different types of visas you can apply for migration

  • Skilled Visa– As the name suggests, this is for the skilled people who want to use their skills and fill a job position in Australia. It uses a points system in which the person will send their details, and their total points will be calculated by the government bodies.
  • Family Visa– This option is for those people whose family is a citizen of Australia or has a permanent residency there. The common relationships here are of a parent, child, or a partner in that country which makes it easy for the migration of their relative.
  • Australian citizenship- Yes, you can directly apply for citizenship of the country, but you have to meet certain criteria for it.
  • PR Renewal– It is for those people who want to extend their PR for the country, or who wish to migrate to the country after their PR visa has expired.
  • Student visa– It is for those people who want to pursue further studies in Australia that will make the PR process in the future relatively easier.
  • Business Visa– If you are a business owner or an investor and want to start your business overseas this Visa is useful. Your family can stay with you in the country while you start and run the business there, however you have to be a previous business owner to be eligible for this visa

You can choose from the list the Visa option that is suitable for you and start the process of applying. The agency will provide you with all the help you need in this matter.