How to Reward your Employees?

How to Reward your Employees?

The need for a positive and thriving workplace has risen in recent times. The pandemic has taught us some important life lessons about maintaining positive relationships with the workers and taking care of their wellness. The stringent salaries, strict deadlines, and irregular work hours have forced employees to resign recently, and the corporates are finding ways to retain employees. The best way to do it is to maintain a work-life balance and appreciate their work with rewards and recognition dubai.

Rewards are no longer just employee of the week awards and increments. It should be an experience and not competition. The approach should encourage people to work better and improve productivity and not make them compete with each other for the star employee award. This strategy doesn’t work anymore. Therefore, instead of assessing and giving rewards, recognizing work, engaging them in fun activities, allowing them to unwind, etc., might be a great use.

Some Reward Ideas

Instead of giving physical gifts, creating engagement and wellness programs might be a great choice. Here are some gift ideas.

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Fitness and wellness

Instead of measuring success based on work, you could do it based on their fitness. Though body shaming is a wrong attitude, fitness is always a good step. Giving out gym and yoga memberships to your employees and tracking their performance could be a great way to keep them healthy and engaged. Rewarding people based on them sticking to their fitness regimen is going to be a great reward in the long run for them.

Family Time

The primary issue with employees today is the long working hours. This leaves them with no time to spend quality time with their family. Rewarding an employee with a holiday or a resort stay with family or organizing a fun event over the weekend with employees and their families at a resort or someplace away would be a great way to unwind and help make stronger bonds within teams.

Gift Cards

Perks like gift cards and discount coupons for employees performing well would be a great way to keep them feeling appreciated. Many digital gift cards are available today in various brands and retailers, and you can utilize them in your reward program.


The employee and manager dynamics have changed over time. Taking care of employees’ needs and mental wellness has become the firm’s responsibility. Engaging the employees in fun activities over the weekend, giving them concert tickets, etc., builds team rapport and employee loyalty.