Registering Your Wishes for a Funeral Service

Registering Your Wishes for a Funeral Service

Registering your wishes for a funeral is something that many people don’t want to think about. Still, it can save the headaches of your loved ones and loved ones of the deceased who have to organize the service themselves during an already difficult time. It also ensures that the funeral service reflects what the deceased would like, which can help the family and friends of the deceased.

Registering wishes varies between funeral homes; some charge a fee for this service while others offer it free. It usually involves filling in the answers to questions that the funeral director considers important, and then they will be stored for use when needed.

If you want a religious funeral, ensure this is included in your desires. Some funeral directors will also ask you for the name of the person you would like to head the service for, if possible.

Funeral Services Directors

Choose burial or cremation and the place.

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If you are being cremated, what would you wish for your ashes?

Using ashes after cremation can cause family disputes, as different people have different ideas about where they should be scattered. Include this information on your form if you know where to send the ashes.

Songs, hymns, or music you would like to use

Here you can specify any music you would like to use at the funeral. When the coffin is brought to the service, a piece of music is often played, and another piece is played at the service’s end. If you want to hold a religious service, hymns are usually sung during it; however, if it is a non-religious service, it is more normal to sing songs or have a singer sing.

If you want flowers or donations

It is important to some people as they would rather have the money donated to charity than spent on flowers. Some are like a mix of the two: flowers from next of kin and donations from everyone else.


Many other questions will be asked on your wish list; this is just an example to give you an idea. Once your wishes have been registered with a specific funeral director, you must let your family know what it is so they can be contacted when the time is right.