The advantages of working with an affiliate network can therefore be summarized as follows

The advantages of working with an affiliate network can therefore be summarized as follows
  1. 360 ° management of affiliate activities

An affiliate program requires different players and actors and consequently its management can also be very complex. A network helps streamline all processes thanks to a team of account managers who deal with the management of day-by-day activities, technological tools and tracking solutions. Obviously, he also deals with billing and administrative management, as well as reporting, creating a perfectly functioning system at the service of the advertiser advertise purple agency .

The affiliate network also manages commission payments to publishers – publishers even before receiving payments from advertisers: this is to ensure that our publishers are remunerated as quickly as possible thanks to the accelerated payment system , so to be constantly reinvested in your business.

Affiliate networks that have a team of account managers at their disposal are able to support their advertisers for any need: from daily reporting, to performance analysis and sector benchmarking. Consultants suggest campaign ideas and formulate new proposals in line with the client’s strategy, giving helpful advice to achieve both departmental and corporate goals.

Company Incorporation

Account managers work with their clients to help them create new partnerships, facilitating the execution of activities and optimizing results, thanks also to the sophisticated tools available on our platform. By joining a network, there are no extra or hidden costs, and no subsequent additions or licensing fees are required. Our presence on the IAB website  and on that of the  Netcomm Consortium , of which we are members, testifies to the quality of our services and our offer.  An overview of prices and costs.

Relying on an affiliate network therefore means increasing the chances that publishers trust you and your brand, even if they don’t know you yet. Our fully transparent tracking and payment systems offer publishers a high standard of security, ensuring that their efforts are rewarded.

  1. Effective use of available advertising budget

Advertisers usually pay a commission when a sale is made, on the basis of this sale the network fees are then calculated, i.e. the percentage due to the network. Obviously all the details are decided in advance based on the agreement made with each individual advertiser and most networks are quite flexible when it comes to deciding on payment models. Think instead of other forms of advertising, which require the payment of a fixed fee, regardless of the number of sales that will be generated and the success of promotional activities, or other online channels where payment is made only on the basis of clicks or impression, regardless of the sales made.